Citizen of Heaven

I came to You in filthy rags, dung

buried beneath my nails, shame

lowering my head

my reckless self-

loathing was a tomb

till I met You

I was stumbling blind, zombie

walking through my life, empty

failures trying to hide behind

mascara eyes, a panic

room till I met You

You whispered my name

and I ran out of that grave

out of the shadows

into the light of your day

I still question my worth

and the weight of my words:

Did I contribute to equality?

Did I contribute to oppression?

Will the bare naked

sins of my past, stand

as evidence to accuse me?

You open your hand to me, take

mine in yours, smile

at me reassuringly, forgiveness

a blanket embracing me

I am beginning to forget

why I ever doubted You

When I was broken, lost

in a loveless world, identity

stolen, homeless, orphaned

You called me a citizen of Heaven

the weight of Your glory crushing

the weight of my chains

Love made me your equal

now I have a future and a hope

because of you, Jesus,

I can dream anew.