Writing on a Public Transit Bus


This is a challenge involving riding on a public transit bus and doing freewriting on your body. It is especially helpful for writers and artists to step outside their comfort zone. It helps to increase confidence about your work despite the criticism of the world around you.

Example (Modeling)

Tree branches and doodles drawn in public
Freewriting on foot and leg on a public transit bus

Challenge (Prompt)

First, grab some ballpoint pens or Sharpies (whatever instruments you feel comfortable using on your own skin).

Next, take a public transit bus for the full duration of it’s route. If you drive, park at a safe bus stop and ride the bus till it returns to your parking location.

Next, as soon as you sit down in your seat, take out your writing tools and start writing or doodling on your skin. The point here is to not over think it or pause for permission. Keep writing until you have covered all your exposed skin and/or you have reached your starting location.

Next, depart the bus and return home. Journal about your experience, how it made you feel, and what you learned from it. Capture images of the work on your skin.

Finally, share images and thoughts in the comments below from when you tried this challenge.

Alternative (Prompt)

If you do not have access to a public transit bus, you can still accomplish the work of this challenge by doing the work in a public place. Pick a public park, library, or facility and commit a couple hours to sit or walk and write or draw.

I look forward to seeing your work. Enjoy!