From Dream To Reality, A Night With Justin Williams Pope

I am here with Justin Williams Pope, Wayne County native and graduate of Charles B. Aycock High School and Wayne Community College. Justin and I went to college together, here at Wayne Community College, and followed each other to the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. Justin has a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and has made a successful life for himself pursuing his passion for writing and communication. He has come back to Wayne Community College (and this blog) to share a little of his story and knowledge of the writing industry and motivate us to pursue our dreams.  

Justin, tell us a little bit about yourself and who you are.

Source: Wayne Community College

Thank you for joining us!

We hope you found this event to be an encouragement towards your own life goals.

For more about Justin and his writing, don’t miss the follow up blog interview here.


3 thoughts on “From Dream To Reality, A Night With Justin Williams Pope

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  2. Justin did really good on giving examples of some of the hardships he went through before he actually got where he wanted in his career . I wish he would have explained more about the internship and what exactly that is . He did really well on showing how going through some tough things and having to do things you disliked might have to play apart of getting to the stage where you do , do exactly what you want & you just have to keep working on it . Another thing i wish the the topic of the questions he was answering were more specific . Sometimes he would go on and I would forget exactly what the question was he was answering other then that he did very well talking .


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