The Dream of My Son

You would love my son.
When he was young, his black hair curled around his ears and bounced when he ran outside to play. He had long eyelashes that feathered his light skin like angel wings when he slept.
It was hard for my son to sit still–he was like his father in that. He was always on a mission to build the next fort, fight the next enemy raid, save the next princess, or build the next rocket to Mars. When his imaginary world wasn’t fully booking his time, he was in the garden or kitchen or studio helping me. He was always bringing me flowers or little drawings to make me smile. He was not the kind of son that troubles his parents; he was the one that lived to make them proud. My son’s imaginative and compassionate heart surpassed my wildest dreams for him.
You would have loved my son…if he were here yet.
Sometimes we dream about the future and what is yet to be. That’s the way my son came to me. I knew his name and his character long before I met the man that would be my husband. Though I have never held my son in my arms, I feel the joy and pain of his memory as if it had really happened.
I am not a mother.
Yet the dream of my son rests heavy on my heart denying the truth of that statement.
I am not a mother…yet.
This world is full of injustices:
One woman has an unwanted pregnancy while another tries for years to have one. One woman longs for a godly husband while another cheats on the good one she has. One child wants for nothing while another struggles to find a safe, happy home. One parent sacrifices everything to care for her child while another ignores hers to pursue her own selfish desires. Children are forced to act like adults in a godless world devoid of a moral compass.
All this angers me. All this grieves the heart of God too.
I am not old and yet, at my age, most of my peers are married with children having children now. If I think about it too much, I am easily angered by the fact that I am not there yet.
Why, oh God, do you give me the vision of a happy life, married, and my son…why my son!…when every year my body ages towards infertility or worse!
You may have said something similar to God yourself. God likes to remind me of Sarah every time I do.
Um, you know I made a dream like this come true for a woman in her 80s, right?
Oh Lord, please don’t wait that long!
But that’s the point: WAIT!
When the vision hasn’t happened, prepare your heart and life as if it were. That’s what it means to wait. Get ready in every way possible. If you can save money towards your vision, save. If you can get healthier, get healthy. Some complications and health risks in pregnancy can be avoided by losing weight and getting healthier before you are even trying to get pregnant. You’ll be thankful you put in the effort too when you try to chase around a toddler in your 80s…I hope that isn’t literal for any of us. 😉
During this time in our lives when we don’t really understand what God is doing or why we don’t have the hopes and dreams we planned to at this time, it is easy to start comparing ourselves to others and despairing at our lack. I like what a local friend and pastor said about this:
When you compare yourself to others, you rob yourself of what God is trying to do in your life. –Ryan Barbato
It is very easy to get caught up in comparisons and judgments of others, but we cannot change the world, we can only change ourselves. Furthermore, judging others fills us with resentment and anger about people and situations we don’t know all the facts about. God is writing their stories in the same way that he is writing ours, and he can make lemonade out of our lemons better than we can.
Maybe we need to start asking God to help us judge others from His perspective through eyes of forgiveness and love instead of holding on to our sour lemons.


10 thoughts on “The Dream of My Son

  1. This is a beautiful vision! Thank you for spilling hope over into your story. I appreciate the reminder for us all to be patient in the season we are in and hold on to our dreams and visions. ❤️

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    • Thank you for your grace and affirmation. I was reluctant to share this especially in light of mother’s day and the loss of children to friend’s like you. I am glad it brought you hope because that confirms this post was meant to be shared. 😊

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  2. Rebecca, I loved this. I too am passionate about my love for Christ. God has something great in store for you, but you are right. You must wait on Him. There are so many children in this world that would love to have a mother like you to love and care for them. I am praying that God will soon give you the desires of your heart. Hang in there.

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  3. This is a beautiful post, friend. Thank you for sharing your heart. I learned this week that my grad school friend’s wife had her first child at 38 and the second at 41, and she is young and vibrant. Her husband is older than her. The two of them are healthier than they were 10 years ago when they got married. It gave me hope too.

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      • It so encouraged me to hear of her success and that doctors share the not having a baby in your late thirties thing to scare you into family planning now. Apparently, 42 and over is when it starts to get more risky. This is what she told me, and she is an educated woman. So more encouragement. (insert prayer hands for us)


  4. Rebecca, God can do anything…..He is the one who gave you that vision of that little boy your going to have, so hang on to that and trust and believe that God will make a way. His way is best, and He will fulfill your dreams and then some! Go forth in faith acting out your faith if necessary , as God would lead you. Love you bunches, and can’t wait for that little one to cuddle and love on…….til then,TRUST. Love Ya…Mom

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