Education: British Literature in Historical Perspective from the Victorian Period-Modern Times (1833-Present Day)


Previously on Historical Perspective…

The island of England has been invaded and conquered by Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, and French Normans. They have survived and adapted through a devastating plague, religious reform, and political unrest. They have risen to the challenge of bettering themselves through education and religion. The peasant class is no more as a rising middle class challenges the social order.

Now on Michael Wood’s Story of England: “Victoria to the Present Day”

Throughout this course, we will be journeying through time and space to visit the history of England as it was discovered in the town of Kibworth. Kibworth is a place that just so happens to hold archeological proof of life all the way back to the Romans as well as through every other major shift in civilization. To help us grasp the effects of history on common people, we will be watching this series throughout this course. Episodes will appear in this historical perspective lesson as they pertain to the section of history we are in. I hope you find the information enlightening and inspiring as I have.