Discussion Board Blogging

After reading my post, How to Comment on a Blog, I instruct students to practice what they have learned by commenting on blogs. The following lesson is what I use to create a discussion board through existing blogs. Most of these blog writers are people I know and trust, so I do not have to worry about the content of what the students are reading; I know whatever they read will encourage good character and self-analysis.

Here are the instructions.


Read 15 posts from a blog(s) on the approved list of bloggers below. (You can use the same blogger for multiple posts if you like, but you can only use bloggers on the approved list for this assignment.)

Write a comment on each of the fifteen posts you chose to read and send it to the blogger. (Your posts should be visible in the author’s comment stream. Sometimes the comments are pending approval and will post within a few days. Most of these bloggers regularly blog and check their comments, so don’t be surprised if you hear back from them on your post. You will be notified by email using the email you used to log in and leave a comment. Be polite and respond back to them as necessary if you do hear from them. Networking with a writer is always a good thing, and your feedback as their reader is invaluable to them.)

Copy and paste the urls for the posts you commented in an email to your instructor for grading. You should have fifteen separate posts that you read and commented on by the end of this assignment. (This step will be used to follow up on your work and grade your assignment.)


Approved Blog List


The personal blog of your teacher 😉 written intentionally to inspire and encourage the perspective that you are made for a purpose and greatly loved by God.


The personal blog of a young career woman trying to date while honoring Christ as the focus of her life.


The official blogs of well-known writers and speakers, John & Stasi Eldridge, and others.



The official blogs of The Noble Heart ministries with Gary and Leigh Barkalow.


The official blog of the professional fiction writer, Charles Martin.


The personal blog of a well-educated teacher, wife, mom, and grandma.


The official blog of Michael Thompson, founder of Zoweh Ministries.


The official blog of Chip and Joanna Gaines of Magnolia and the DIY show, Fixer Upper.


The personal blog of a friend and military spouse offering advice and insight helpful to living married to a military person.


The official blog of noted public speaker and actress, Priscilla Shirer.


The personal blog of a local preacher sharing frank insight into everyday issues and cultural commentary.


A collection of blogs by outdoorsmen and women actively pursuing God.