Follow Your Heart: What All These Success Stories Have In Common

As I travel–and connect locally–I meet a lot of interesting people with stories to tell. They are independent business owners, artists, crafters, teachers, stamp collectors, etc. Some are single. Sone have been married for years. Then I ask, “what’s been the one secret to your success?” Most of the answers come back to this one phrase: follow your heart.

Follow your heart.

That means follow the gut feeling you have on the issue and trust it.

There is some science to this idea too. When we educate ourselves about anything, part of the process of learning involves thinking about how we think. This is called metacognition. We think through patterns; Metacognition is recognizing those patterns and learning to trust them.

There is some spiritual truth to this idea as well. If you are a Christian, and you are following what the Bible teaches, you have the Holy Spirit inside you to help you make decisions that follow God’s will for your life. Your desires and wants can still get in the way, but “following your heart” for a Christian should actually follow the spirit of God.

Regardless of how you approach this issue, we all need to become more self-aware and take responsibility for our decisions. Learn to be true to yourself and “follow your heart” into the good future God has for you.


9 thoughts on “Follow Your Heart: What All These Success Stories Have In Common

  1. Follow your heart is a really deep in soul blog. It has a lot of meaning to it and involves a lot of thinking. Your feelings and even following your heart is based on how you grew up and even how you think and feel as you’ve gotten older. People need to learn to follow their heart and not what others want them to do. Follow what your heart and mind tells you.


  2. Well follow your heart simply stands out to me because i love that phase. I know that following your heart really gets you somewhere, it got me where i am today. The way the information was listed in this article got and kept my attention by people saying it lead them to success,and with god by your side it makes it 10 times better. I was inferesthat the author found the true key to following your heart and shes explaing that it it worth it. I would add on that if you truly follow your heart & God that you’ll get further than you ever thought was possible. I would collect and use all the data,if you take responcibility and believe in your heart you will notice a difference. I would talk to Mrs. Whitman, anyone and everyone. Its an inspiring story. Really good. 🙂

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  3. i could not have said it any better. and as a Christian I believe that the lord will show you several paths you can take in life some are right for you and some are not. to know the difference you must pray on it and if you still pic the rong rd then god will use that to teach you a lesson. but a must agree with you to follow your heart is sound advice because i believe that god instilles in us an automatic sence of good and bad. but as a christian i must say never forget to put his will for your life. and on a personal note i really enjoyed reading all your blogs.

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  4. I agree with you about following your heart. I also learned about the scientific and spiritual truth. I am a believer in Christ and I know he will guide me wherever I go. The key to success, as you stated is to follow your heart.

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  5. Anytime you follow your heart it creates more passion and motivation for your dreams. Anytime you add God in the mix things will be better as well. This is a great blog as well.

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